Rihanna Partners with M.A.C Cosmetics

Rihanna and M.A.C Cosmetics are partnering and I'm super excited because my favorite artist and my favorite make up brand are partnering up together.
She is on fire right now her album Unapologetic sold Nearly 1MIL .

 photo rihanna-fashion-show-lg_zps2bbda506.jpg
She just came out with her new clothing line for River Island in London . Rihanna is such an inspiration to me and many other women , I loved how  she didn't have the typical runway and switched it up a bit having the models on different platforms wish I could have been there ! Let me know what you think will you or would you wear her collection ?

Video from US Weekly

Rihanna's collaboration with M.A.C
I think this collaboration is special for many reasons . There will be four collections ,RIRI Woo is the first product to hit the stores , and will make its premiere on Rihanna's Diamonds Tour , I thinks thats awesome get dolled up before the show !  What I love the most about this is that she really tried to create a red lipstick that would compliment every women / girl no matter what your skin shade is without mimicking Ruby Woo! I am beyond excited and can't wait for this to come out ! I'm sure RIRI Woo is one of the best collections but I LOVE PINK !!So I would probably buy just for the packaging .  photo rihanna-mac-cosmetics-650-430_zps3f2b4b69.jpg

Oscars 2013 - Best Dressed

I love award Season so many beautiful Gowns and stunning hair and Make up .

 ( But mostly hair and gowns that I'll never get to wear . ) The make up on most of the talented ladys on the Red Carpet was very simple keeping the focus on the hair and accsesories.

Kelly rowland
The very classy Kelly Rowland her self in this Fabulous Black and White Gown with a sexy High Slit !  By far my favorite from the night
 photo 1361745831_kelly-rowland_zpsf526a80f.jpg

Guliana Rancic
 photo kelly-osbourne-guiliana-rancic-oscars-2013-red-carpet-04_zpsede5ff97.jpg

I'm such a big fan of Guliana Rancic she is so beautiful inside and out and very much classy !
This dress is very classy and although its black it is certainly not boring !  Love the flary details Her make up was very simple,btu.  photo gulianaran_zps234fcf5c.jpg

Kristen Chenoweth
 photo kristin-chenoweth-oscars-2013-red-carpet_zps47326351.jpg
Also in a gorgeous black  gown with silver detailing on the torso . THis entire ensemble reminds me of Cinderella like. The dress and the hair together  . Although it is
  photo kristin-chenoweth-oscars-2013-red-carpet-01_zpsbff45311.jpg

Jennifer Lawrence 
 photo 2013oscars_jenniferlawrence002_zpse3c83ddc.jpg I really can't decide between  Kelly Rowland and Jennifer Lawrence I cant say whose the better dressed but I'm so in love with this dress.
 photo 2013oscars_jenniferlawrence001_zps41f81de2.jpg
By far the most famous dress on the red carpet tonight .
Pictures from Just Jared click on the link .
Pictures from

Keri Washington 
 photo 2013oscars_kerrywashington001_zpsed5aa696.jpg
My second favorite actress she is so amazing on "scandal "  she wore this wonder gown by .Miu Miu in Coral and shimering peach .  photo 2013oscars_kerrywashington002_zps9fc863ab.jpg
Let me know if you guys want a make up or hair tutorial on any of these loveley ladies ?
 photo BD6PEtwCYAAWAKO_zps99a0d1d2.jpg I believe I will definitely be trying Reese Witherspoons hair ! Let me know what you guys think thanks for stopping by !!!
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The Dennim Jacket

It seems as if Denim is my best friend right now I love it !!!  I know its totally 80s but its hot , goes with EVERYTHING, and just takes your outfit to that next level withouth doing anything drastic. I feel like you can wear something totally simple like I am doing so in this outfit I'm wearing black pants and a black top and I threw on this denim jacket that I got at Forever 21 , and it gives my outfit a little something to keep it from being boring and doing too much !
                                                             Jacket & Sun glasses: Forever 21
Top & Jeans:Q's
Boots:Nine West
 photo feb13018_zpse6823ad9.jpg
Se me ase como que mi cosa favorita orita es la mesclija , me encanta. Se que es total mente 80s pero de todos modos super fabuloso.Algo de mesclija va con absolutamente todo , y te puedes poner algo simple y acavar tu outfit con una blusa o una chaqueta de mesclija y cambia tu outfit pa lo mejor ! Asi como llo ise aqui tengo unos pantalones negros estilo Skinny, con una blusa negra y mi chaqueta de mesclija que agarre ase unas semanas en Forever 21 , y claro me puse mis botas de Nine West que son mi obsession del momento

Spring in the Winter

Heres my wish list for the remainder of Febuary . I have these shoes I  got them  on Amazon through a store called Zoo Shoe, I havent worn them much I got them in November but I'm excited for Spring theses color will be everywhere so these are some items Im looking for . I though I would make it a winter / spring mixture because it is always kind of cold were I live sun shining wind blowing kind of weather all year long !!

Topshop London Fashion Week

For the first time ver Topshop & Google partnered up and did a live fashion show  fro AWFW/LFW . It wasnt the first time they had done a livestream show , but this time it was different showing all different aspects from the guests front row, to the model and make up artist !
Unfortunately I missed it live but I got to see the show wich was amazing.  They really stepped it up and took Fashion shows to the next level after the show they had a sections " be the buyer " where you pick your favorites from the show and create your own collection  !

There was a lot of A-line skirts , pastels .

This Jumpsuit stole the show !!  Thanks for stopping by
 Hope you enjoyed as much as I did ! 

The Handbag of the week - ALDO

I'm not very big on handbags, but  I do feel every girl should have one good handbag. ALDO is amazing !!  Great shoes great handbags this is one of their bags which in my opinion is great ispiration of a certain bag I think you guys know what designer I'm reffering to !!

So I though instead of doing a shoe of the week this week I would do a Handbag of the week . It comes in black and ivory, crocodile skin with cheetah print on the inside.
Whats your favorite bag ?
Not sure when this came out becasue it isn't on teh website however I found these beauties on Amazon

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Shoe of the week - Nine West Ankle Boots

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zpsf684a910.jpg So I have been crushing on these lace up ankle boots from Nine West! I had first seen them at Steve Madden for $150.00, but I ended up getting them at Nine West for $49.95
 photo today053_zps7b23d0b8.jpg
So this in a more updated version of Jennifer Lopez's  boots,
 she wore similar ones in "Jenny from the block"

 photo JenniferLopez_zpsf9d20b5f.jpg
 Thanks for stopping by
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Sock Bunn how to

 photo SockbunnOfftoschool_zps216da42b.jpg
Like what you see ? Keep reading to get this look !!
So today I was yesterday I was on my way to school and I figured I would give you guys an update on the Sock Bunn How to Guide ... I hope you enjoy this look and try it out for your self it is quick / easy and you can make this simply classy !!! As seen everywhere from Fashion week to celebs to the streets this was 2012s hotest hair trend and still going I first saw it on Adrienne Bailon when she was filming "Empire Girls" on the Style network ,both her and Julisa frequently had this hair do.Soon after I started seeing it on  almost every celeb including : Lauren Conrad,Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and well many more ... Lets get started..
what you will be needing :

     photo sockbunnschoolday015_zps8059b67e.jpg
Hair Brush
Two Hair Ties
Bobby pins
Tooth Brush
 photo sockbunnschoolday031_zps06522f40.jpg 
Step 1: Take an old sock black or white if your hair is dark and you can find a black one I would very much suggest it ,  and you want to take some sicosrs and cut the toes off your sock, now you want to roll it roll it roll it all the way until you have the shape of a doughnut or somehting similar .

 photo step2Sockbunnhowto_zpsbd1d36bd.jpg
Step 2:  Next you want to brush out all your hair to make sure it isnt tangled and put it up into a ponytail you can position it as high or low as you desire I personally like it super high.

 photo Sockbunnhowtostep2_zpsd4cf403e.jpg Step 3)Now this is where your sock comes into place =) put your hair through it starting from the tip of your hair and now your going to roll your hair inside the sock all the way down same idea as before.
   Tip: As your rolling your hair down you want to kind of seperate in half and distribute the hair evenly around the sock .
 photo bunnresults_zpse7e304a0.jpg Step 4) Take your tooth brush and smooth out any flyaways and hair spray !
Step5) Almost done now your just going to check to see if there is any hair left out and if so bobby pin it inside the bunn.

And your done !! See that was pretty easy and quick and you look amazing !!
I love this hairdo because you can wear this almost anywere you can wear this to weddings,out to do errands,school or work .
  photo Sockbunnend_zps22079a39.jpg

Thank you for stopping by stay tuned for the this Neutral smokey eye make up look !

Denim && Black

 photo jlab_zps7393eeae.jpg Winter weather is nice but I love it when we have a beatuful summer day during winter time being a California girl its just what were used to ..
So today we had one of those days 75 degrees just gorgeous so I decided to take advantage and share my outfit of the day featuring my new Pointy Ankle Boots by Jennifer Lopez from Kohls. I hope you enjoy!!
 photo OOTDblurr_zps90ae6ff3.jpg
  • Denim Vest & Pants :Fashion Nova
  • Scarf and Top: Forever21
  •  Boots: Kohls
  •  Handbag: Fashion Maxx  photo verynice_zps0f695c92.jpg photo boots_zps70834c34.jpg photo parkinglot_zps3bfdff9b.jpgDe
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Shoe of the Week -Giuseppe Zanotti

 photo 44480876WA_11_e_zpsb022fa6e.jpg

You will soon learn that I have the biggest obsession for Shoes I love shoes , its crazy any kind  except flats unless their extremely different . Boots,ankle boots,heels,stiletos ,sandals and the list goes on and on and then theres budget friendly shoes and luxury and well I am huge fan of Giuseppe Zanotti and here is my shoe of the week .
 photo 44480876WA_11_r_zps298b6f78.jpg

I love these and am on the look for an inspired shoe of Zanotti!! let me know if you come across!!! This pair of heels stood out to me because their diferent kind of sandal bright color Orange, with fringes and studs whats not to love ?
 photo 44480876WA_11_d_zps0b54a5b1.jpg

How to get Long Lasting Curls

How to get perfect Curls or Waves ..
I like to combine all 3.  How??  Okay lets get started!
Step 1) brush hair make sure it’s tangle free. And spray with a heat protector.
Step 2) grab an average amount of hair. And wrap around your curling iron / wand. Hold for 10 secs
( if it’s too hot use gloves)
Step 3) slowly let it fall into the palm of your hand and roll into a curl and secure with a Bobby pin or small clip.
Step 4) repeat till you’ve sneak your entire head. And let them sit for a while i let then air whole i do my make up. And then i let them fall.
So that’s how i get my curls now for loose waves i use the same method. But instead of pinning. I let it fall into the palm of my  hand hold there for a lil then let them fall and spray with some hairapray. ….
What you’ll need :
Many many bobbypins