Sock Bunn how to

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Like what you see ? Keep reading to get this look !!
So today I was yesterday I was on my way to school and I figured I would give you guys an update on the Sock Bunn How to Guide ... I hope you enjoy this look and try it out for your self it is quick / easy and you can make this simply classy !!! As seen everywhere from Fashion week to celebs to the streets this was 2012s hotest hair trend and still going I first saw it on Adrienne Bailon when she was filming "Empire Girls" on the Style network ,both her and Julisa frequently had this hair do.Soon after I started seeing it on  almost every celeb including : Lauren Conrad,Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and well many more ... Lets get started..
what you will be needing :

     photo sockbunnschoolday015_zps8059b67e.jpg
Hair Brush
Two Hair Ties
Bobby pins
Tooth Brush
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Step 1: Take an old sock black or white if your hair is dark and you can find a black one I would very much suggest it ,  and you want to take some sicosrs and cut the toes off your sock, now you want to roll it roll it roll it all the way until you have the shape of a doughnut or somehting similar .

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Step 2:  Next you want to brush out all your hair to make sure it isnt tangled and put it up into a ponytail you can position it as high or low as you desire I personally like it super high.

 photo Sockbunnhowtostep2_zpsd4cf403e.jpg Step 3)Now this is where your sock comes into place =) put your hair through it starting from the tip of your hair and now your going to roll your hair inside the sock all the way down same idea as before.
   Tip: As your rolling your hair down you want to kind of seperate in half and distribute the hair evenly around the sock .
 photo bunnresults_zpse7e304a0.jpg Step 4) Take your tooth brush and smooth out any flyaways and hair spray !
Step5) Almost done now your just going to check to see if there is any hair left out and if so bobby pin it inside the bunn.

And your done !! See that was pretty easy and quick and you look amazing !!
I love this hairdo because you can wear this almost anywere you can wear this to weddings,out to do errands,school or work .
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Thank you for stopping by stay tuned for the this Neutral smokey eye make up look !


  1. Cool! Going to try this as well!

  2. Great job! Can't wait to see your eye makeup!

  3. Awesome post! Love the pictures! :)


  4. Thank you Teresa !! This is my go to Look right now !

    Patsy Marie

  5. I really love this hairstyle! It's so quick and simple:)

  6. Yes it is and so trendy I love it !!

  7. you make it look so easy, im jealous!!