Vlogmas day 9 Target shopping and OOTD #saveNETNEUTRALITY #BREAKTHEINTERNET DECEMBER 12

Hey beauties  here is VLOGMAS Day #9 

Spend the day with me  while I take some Outfit Pics  for my blog those will be coming soon btw I'll go ahead and post them here once they're ready .

Almost miss sunlight  , actually I did miss the sun but somehow managed to get a few shots. 

Now briefly  I talk about something ( in detail video coming later this week) that is so important to me and I feel like it hasn't been talked about enough. Everyone should be involved in this including other countries. EVERYONE will be affected. 

Anti-Net Neutrality   - means ending limitless internet putting barriers and making it almost impossible for the General public to have access to decent internet. 

Apps will no longer be free. 

Don't just sit there and do nothing . 

Sign petition please  it takes 2 seconds litterally , shorter than it took you to make your Snapchat account. 

Who's affected by ending Net Neutrality ?? 

  • influencers  : Instagram ,snapchat , youtube Influencers 
  • Entreperenerus with Start Ups 
  • Employees, 
  • students 
  • Damn near the WORLD
 It looks like its being discussed just not enough people either are not aware or they don't care or worse they're in denial.

#Vlogmas Escaping TGIF Without Paying

Hello Beautie.s!!

Heres Day 3  of Vlogmas where I share my expierience at TGIF .I also show some of the things I got myself for Christmas , feel free to make inspiration for some christmas gifts this season :)

Day 3 of Vlogmas , watch the video to see what I got myself for Christmas :)


Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas = Sweater Weather

hey Dollies,

So it's Nov 30 on this photo this will be live Dec 2nd however, lately I've been working on my youtube a lot , and I've been having a lot of fun with that. However stepping away from my blog and focusing on my youtube channel has brought me to realize how much I miss doing the blogging thang so I'm bringing back my style post and not solely having my beauty videos .

So I'm sorry for the absence ...

NOW the fun stuff its CHRISTMAS Time :D this has to be my favorite time of the year because who doesn't love turkey , hot cocoa and Christmas music ... And well the presents just make it that much more fun :)

Here in California we actually have pretty much 2 season semi cold weather and summer the rest of the year at least in Southern California that is .. I found this sweater the week before thanksgiving I didn't get to wear it for thanksgiving but on this day it was pretty gloomy so I was pretty excited and of course I busted out my leather boots. In this weather I pretty much live for over the knee or knee high boots.

whats your favorite fall accessorie or Winter activity  ?

On a side note my favorite winter thing ??? HALLMARK Chanel haha

Cafe Con Patsy - Being Chased by Russian MOB

Hey guys , heres the first episode of Cafe con Patsy I had so much fun filming this and I also enjoy watching these as  well so I hope you'll enjoy.

 Here you'll see how I got involved in a very scary job , that I'm so glad I ended up turning down, but Mann when your young for some of us anyway your so quick to believe a fairtale. but NOTHING comes that easy.

Whats the craziest job you've ever done or attempted for some quick cash ?

Click on the Picture to watch ;)

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JLO Inspired Full Face How to

Hi Girlys  ,A few weeks ago there was a benefit concert for Puerto Rico , and Jennifer Lopez made a few appearances and looked incredible. I was so inspired I needed to recreate something close to her look .
Although this a "Celebrity Look" this is actually perfect for a daily , the eye make up truly isn't that heavy. Although I live for liner depending on the eye look it can be too much sometimes so with this look it does make this look a little more on the natural side.

So if you want to check out my look and how I got it please view video below and as always dont forget to subscribe.
 Do you guys prefer bomb liner or Lashes ? 

Pumpkin Spice Glam - GRWM

Although THIS IS A LATE POST , I totally think ya'll should check this look out ts my first look of the fall my FAVORITE season of the year. I literally live for this season , anyhow this look is inspired by PSL which is the ultimate fall item  ( if you haven't tried it before you watch this video go grab you one right now !! iced or hot )

First Face of Fall :)