Summer Road trip : San Fernando Valley to Santa Maria Valley

Hey girls ,
I'm not big on sports or soccer at least but I know the world cup is like such a big deal ! I went to visit my grandparents because my grandfather is just about the biggest soccer fanatic and  well its the finale. I honestly just came to spend time because like I said I'm not into soccer so  I am doing what I love  blogging =) . When I was younger this drive seemed no big deal but this is a serious road trip ! Lately I haven
been so into blogging the photography part of it at least, but like most things when were not feeling ourselves but we know we should we need to be big girls and push ourselves. So... here I am and I actually do feel better now that I did . Before I left I took these quick picks in Sherman Oaks .

I have been meaning to do a post on summer hairstyles so its in the works but  this right here is one of my number one hairstyles year round when I'm in a hurry but especially in the summer time because I have such long and thick hair. So I guess its true "Women Never satisfied" . Because I know those of you with of thin hair are probably like " girl your so lucky " , but when its scorching hot not a good thing  especially because I have so much  of it. I would say any bun is ideal for summer but given that this look was very girly I decided to go with my doughnut bun.  If you want to see how I get this look see here for my previous post on how to.
These sandals are from my previous post from DSW. My new found addiction!!

 What I'm wearing
Top: Love Culture
Shoes: DSW
Skirt: Forever21
Accesories : Kiosk somewhere at the Topanga 

Are you watching the World Cup today ?

The Perfect Office Heel - BCBG

Hi ladies,
If your anything like me you hate wearing flats and I know flats are ideal for the office for many women , but they're simply not an option for me ! So if you share my pain listen up I have found the perfect heel for the office they meet my 3 top requirements of Style, Comfort , Appropriate. I have these from different designers so I've done the leg work trust me these are or should be your go to heels for the office they are comfortable enough for me to be walking back and fourth and not be killing you !

 Shoes : BCBG
Pants : H&

Whats are you day to day shoes ?

Shoe of the Week -Michael Antonio

The Story
I went to the Topanga mall on a mission for something simple , stylish and comfortable for the office .I circled around this entire mall and I kid you not I could not find one single pair of shoes suitable for the office at least with all I was looking for of course I was devastated because my shoes that I had been wearing had a broken heel . So... this was a fashion emergency! My cousin thought it was so hilarious and referred me to DSW , ironically its across the street from the mall and I fell in love I discovered my go to place for all things footwear =) As well as discovering a new designer I love or maybe its just the shoe I don't know .

The Shoe
Michael Antonio got it on point , bold yet simple , classy and sexy , not to mention comfortable and suitbable for the office. These heels of course are perfect shade of red for The 4 of July , but honestly I know I'll be wearing these year round . They have these in black ,teal,white , and gold . I normally shy away from red shoes , but today I went for it probably because its a simple shoe and the color takes the center of it all. Aside from the aesthetics the reason I say these shoes are comfortable , I usually have a problem on heels that have a flat bottom but these shoes have a very small platform and we all know platforms make it that much us to rock our stilletos.

Brunch In Orcutt - Leather & Timbs

 I was having brunch in orcutt before I left the central coast and I forgot I had taken these very quickly after my brunch. BTW these are lost files from mid May.  This year I have been so obsessed with these A-line skirts I think I have one in just about every style  . I decided to pair it with this Black and white crop top from Fashion Nova . Vest also from fashion Nova. I think I will be doing these looks a lot more often , because afterall this is why I started my blog .
well goodbye my gorgeous dolls
 I hope you had an amazing weekend till next time.
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Vest + Croptop Fashion Nova| Skirt Forever21 | Boots Nine West

Beauty FIles : Summer Beauty Staples

My Beauty Staples 
They said this would be the hottest summer in a long time and so far it definitely has been the hottest for me . I think I'm just not used to it so I try to wear the least make up possible in this hotness . I like to just grab and go during the summer I dont want to look I like I just woke up however I want to eliminate the products from melting on my face.  

  • First off , this Gorgeous bronzer from Hard Candy I had first discovered this bronzer in pearl shade which I actually used as a highlight , but this i use as a bronzer  and even though it looks super dark its really not you get the perfect amount of summer glow and for a day look one swipe is good.
  • Cream blush , I have been obsessed with cream blushes forever and a day so this is perfect if you want to skip bronzer +contouring . this will blend in to your skin perfectly giving you that perfect touch of coral.
  • Milanin Lips are my favorite , they smell delicious I thinks its like a watermelon scent/taste , this color is a stretch for me but it actually does look really gorgeous .  

Try somthing New today and let me know how that works out.

June Favs : Target & Bath & Body Works

scents photo Scent_zps46285bf2.jpg Hey Babes !!
Hope your weekend was fabulous here is  what I've been loving this month old and new products. It's so crazy but everything except for scents are from Target , I mean I know I love target but everything is from Target .  I grouped everything based on how I apply my make up , lotions and body sprays I added first just because it has nothing to do with make up but this is of course last in my book prep photo skincare_zps70b3c74c.jpg
Skincare : Neutrogena Clear Pore| La Roche Polay Moisturizer | Botanics Cleansing Foam + Make Up Remover | Clinique Make Up Remover .highlight base photo concealers_zps4d413aab.jpgSonia Kashuk high Definition Cover up | NYX Shadow Base (GOLDEN) eyes photo eyesandpowder_zps08309bbd.jpg
Eyes : Mabeline nuetral Shaow | Elf: Eyebrow Kit ( Gel +Powder) | 
face photo facefoundation_zpsda17bd37.jpg
NYX Brow Kit , Gel Liner , Finishing Powder | Physicians Formula Setting Powder bronzers photo bronze_zps3cea1c18.jpgBronzers : Hard Candy | Elf Contour Kit | Almay foundation mouse | Covergirl Contour stick 

Stiletto Love : Christian Louboutin Studs

Omg so you guys know how much I love boots !! I'm in love with these pointed ankle boots Snakilta !! I know its summer but because they are ankle they are still do-able . A must in my life right now !!