How to get Long Lasting Curls

How to get perfect Curls or Waves ..
I like to combine all 3.  How??  Okay lets get started!
Step 1) brush hair make sure it’s tangle free. And spray with a heat protector.
Step 2) grab an average amount of hair. And wrap around your curling iron / wand. Hold for 10 secs
( if it’s too hot use gloves)
Step 3) slowly let it fall into the palm of your hand and roll into a curl and secure with a Bobby pin or small clip.
Step 4) repeat till you’ve sneak your entire head. And let them sit for a while i let then air whole i do my make up. And then i let them fall.
So that’s how i get my curls now for loose waves i use the same method. But instead of pinning. I let it fall into the palm of my  hand hold there for a lil then let them fall and spray with some hairapray. ….
What you’ll need :
Many many bobbypins

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