Stilleto Love : Floral Desire

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I hope everyone  had a wonderful Thanksgiving and racked up some fab Deals over the weekend .

This weeks choice is a little different , but I couldn't help myself I was doing some research for a project I'm working on and I ran into this on Vogue Australia . This is just amazing this is definitely something I would like to hand in my living room as much as I love fashion and shoes I love Art inspired by a shoe or fashion . I have so much respect for those talented aretist who have the ability to create such beautiful things.

Goodnight Loves I hope you have a good week and thanks for stopping by .

Stiletto Love : Resillissima Christian Louboutin

 photo image_zps358af40a.jpg

 For a long time I was all about then Over the Knee boot don't get me wrong that still a top favorite for me but lately I've really been into The Ankle Boot. I saw these on Draya Michelle and I fell in love with these Christian Louboutin , these are perfect for a day look or night look .

 photo RosellinaChristianLouboutin_zps075fb07b.jpg

Yes I know they're not practical because they are so high but the for me the higher the stilleto the better  !! I would definitely wear these on a regular . I am so excited to have found something very similar that's easier on the pocket from

Definitely On my Christmas list :) 
 photo ChineseLaundry18_zpsa3a284d0.jpg

Stiletto Love : Saint Laurent

So as you girls know I love shoes !!!!
  For this week it's Saint Laurent this weeks shoe goes to saint Laurent it's summer time and this wonderful sandal can easily go from summer to fall actually year round . It's super simple design is why I love it , because its simple but still very sexy !!! This is the sandal that can be worn out when your running arrands & to an upscale event what's not to love . I love versitile

Hola Chikas, so ustedes saven que ami me encan Los zapatos !!! So como disia esta semana el Zapato de la semana es esta sandals de Saint Laurent como estamos en verano aun que esta sandals a va perfectamente para el verano oton y en realidad el ano entero. El disegno es super simple pero al mismo tiempo sexy !! Esta sandalia es perfecta para ir acer UNOs mandados oh ah un evento especial. No se ustedes pero a mi me encanta un acessorio que calla con 10 differences cosas.


Shoe Of The Week : White pointed toe

As you may know I'm just obsessed with pointy shoes because they are super easy to walk in . Great style and comfort yes please !!These shoes combine my two loves pointed toe with the ANKLE .. They're kind of funky but I LOVE them .  These are available in Black & White. The white speaks to me for some reason they stand out to me probably because a lot of my shoes are black .

What do you think Black or White ? 

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Trend Tuesday Stiletto Love

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zpsd5f16fc5.jpg
You all know I love stilettos !!! right ? Then again who doesnt ladies we love to wear them and guys love to see us in them !! I love stilettos on my feet stilettos on my lashes and on my NAILS .. However I was shocked to find out that guy aren't to crazy about stiletto nails  , I personally discoverd and instantly fell in love with them on Rihanna's "Whats My Name " video , with sexy Drake ( Oh I L.O.V.E that man ) . She had these natural looking stiletto nails I believe she had different colors on the video I loved the lavender shade she had because I like girly colors but of course I like to make things bold every now and then anyway ( Off track here lol ) ever since then I've been all for the stilettol designs ..So I was talking about these gorgeous nails that I want to get and my friend was like  going off on Stiletto Nails and of course I had to let him know because well I love this design ,but then I heard him out and he was telling me how they remind him of a Vampire and well when he showed me what he has seen on women I was like " Oh No !!! Thats not cute  " , so I saw where he was coming from and he saw where I was coming from because I showed him the designs.

SO Stilleto YES or Stiletto No ?
Here are a couple of designs I'm loving and thinking about getting what are your favorites ..

Lastly do you care if your guy likes your design do you take his opinion into consideration or are you like F*** It ?
Coral & Stripes
Stiletto nails are already bold, this specific design is already eye catching with that said my number 1 prefference are solids but I'm slowly getting into the crazy designs. This of course is no crazy design but I really like the black and white stripes on the two nails .  

Teal Graphics 
I'm loving this design I really don't know how to describe this design in perticular but I love its unique design . Really stands out in a good way . 
 photo GreenampWhite_zps10335480.jpg

Peachy Florals
I know florals were a huge trend in 2011-2012 and we nicely let the florals on there way out , to be hones I really wasnt a huge fan of the florals when it came to my clothing but I love the floral design on these nails . what do you  think ? 
 photo Floralpeach_zps9a08035d.jpg

Cherry Red 
Similar to the first picture I posted only sexier Coral is cute and summerish Red is just SEXY . I got this picture from a nail artists Instagram ... The girls got talent !! 
 photo RedStripes_zps1571393f.jpg

Last but definitely not least !! These are my favorite nails theyre so bold I'm just not sure that I'd want to get them just yet because I do work in a professional setting .. I love the African print design on the two nails and the cheetah gives it that extra Omph in my opinion . 
 photo Coralchetah_zps86ee9e3d.jpg

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Corporate Chic : Coral Crush

Ladies I have good news you can now shop my closet !!  I hate to get rid of these beautiful coral pumps I really dont get to use them that often so id youd like they are a size 9 you can now shop my closet at Socialbliss photo MACVENTURA041_zps2c308d50.jpg
 photo MACVENTURA032_zps5560715b.jpg Hi dolls ,
How are you doing ? so here is my  super over due Corporate Chic I had taken some photos for you guys today but then I realized the outfit was extrememly similar to my last Corporate chic just different style of pants so here you go I hope you enjoy and don't hesitate to give me suggestions for any office looks or any look in general you would like to see .
 photo MACVENTURA035_zpsed6662e2.jpg
Blazer : Forever 21 
Trousers: Zara
Pumps : SocialBliss
 photo MACVENTURA037_zps1d28de2c.jpg

 photo MACVENTURA031_zps01b7b87a.jpg
XOXO Patsy .

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Besos .

 photo MACVENTURA047_zps6096f774.jpg

Shoes Of the Week : Jennifer Lopez & Rock & Republic.

First of all I want to appoligise for the lighting its the best I could do with an Ipad.
 photo photo20_zps593c9a14.jpg

So I think by now you guys should mow I LOVE HEELS. With a passion. So something I was having a hard time with was white shoes , black shoes easy they go with everything but white shoes I wasn't feeling it all the way until I saw these shoes by Jennifer Lopez they are the same ones from last weeks shoe of the week duo of Giuseppe Zanotti .

 photo photo19_zpsf9a6aa13.jpg
I actually ran into these from Jennifer Lopez before Giuseppe Zanotti's . For some reason I have a hard time walking on a flat shoe ,heel, stilleto ect . So this shoe grabbed my attention for 3 reasons
 photo photo17_zps681450e5.jpg
A) totally on trend : Sandals are every where right now , by far the hottest shoe trend for this season it's summer time :)
B) not so simple details : even though these beauties are white they're made with snakeskin material super HOT !!
C) comfort: platform at the very bottom of the shoe makes it so much easier to walk in.
Let me know what you think ?

Next off are these super chic pumps with an interesting ankle strap . Black and white DONE ! These were to dies for I got both of these at kohls these pumps are from .
Rock and Republic.
As for the pumps well there pointy black and white with and ankle strap !!! What's not to love my little 6 year old cousin even liked them ...

 photo photo18_zpsa7954286.jpg

If there's anything I learned this year it's this nothing is out of our hands . Too big everything is possible all you need to do is believe and things will happen when the time is right . But just remember never stop dreaming always keep wanting more and you will live life in a new way . It doesn't matter if what you want almost see,s impossible at this moment if you really want it , you will achieve it receive it attain it . It's not the how that matters but the what !!! Of course you'd like to have a plan of HOW. You'll reach your goal but you must have a goal to begin with .. Baby steps .. And remember nothing amazing comes easy you'll have to work for it but it will be so worth the fight !
Goodbye loves

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Shoe Of The Week: Giuseppe Zanotti All White

In the beginning I wasn't really into the whole black and white trend for S/S 2013 ,but now I'm really loving it . These have been on my radar forever and I finally found a similar .

Giuseppe Zanotti  over $1000 Jennifer Lopez :$37.99

Trend Tuesday : Coral me pretty

I appoligise for the lack of post this past month began a new job and that took a lot of my time but I'm back.
 photo image_zpsd19b7eb5.jpg It's officially summer time , to me it feels as if this year just flew by its been a great year but a fast one . We all have our favorite trends each season but this season it's corals ! !
this is especially my favorite because its mix of my two favorite colors : (Pink & Orange ) it's girly and fun without being too in your face for those of you who aren't huge fans of the color pink.
 photo image_zps7f284bdb.jpg
 photo image_zps6413de32.jpg
Lips Nars


What are your favorite ways to wear coral ?

Khloe Kardashian - Snag Her Look

 photo TIMBS004copy_zps92d60bb6.jpgThis outfit was inspired by Khloe Kardashian , however it was a little cold out so I decided to pair my outfit with this Burberry scarf. Here in the Central Coast we dont get much of a spring unfortunately . So this is my version of her outfit.  photo TIMBS003_zpsed059037.jpg
Get my look
Top : Forever21 $13.99
Scarf: Burberry (Old)
Jeans : H&M $13.99
Boots : NineWest(9W) $69.99
 photo TIMBS005_zpsdd924a86.jpg
 photo photo_zps730abf12.png
The only difference between our outfits is I'm wearing a scarf and she has a clutch, and of course shes wearing her hair down and I'm wearing a bunClick here to learn how my DIY method.

Summer Smokey Eye: Pink & Orange

So I kind of have no idea whats going on , but Ive been on a pink kick lately when it comes to the eyes.  I mean pink is my favorite color but I usually don't do it on the eyes. Well here is my latest eye make up .
I hope you like.
Producsts used :
Gel Liner :M.A.C
Painterly Paintpot: M.A.C
Minerlizing Skin Finish: M.A.C
Pink Matte : Bissu ( Mexican Cosmetics Line ) 
Bright Orance & Soft Light orange shadow : Manly Cosmetics (180 Pallete ) 
Get the Look 
Step 1 : Prime your lids MAC Painterly Paint pot is what I used but you can use any base of your chose loreal makes a good one as well.

Step 2: Brush: Sigma E 55
With a Flat shader brush from I applied the pink matte shadow using patting motions , this allows you to get the most out of your shadow .

Step 3: Brush : Sigma SS275
Angled blending brush  I applied the dark / brighter orange shadow and really deepened my crease  usping windshield wiper motions . Do this until you have the desired amount I tried not to over do i t.

Step 4: Sigma SS224
Any fluffy blending brush will work for this next step. With the lighter shade of orange I blended the light and the orange to tone it down a little bit.

Step 5:  Once I had the desired shade between those two I applied a nuetral color from my BH Cosmetics Neutral Palette  and applied that in the brow bone then blended out the orange and the nude.  Of course this step is optional but I think it looks a lot nicer when its all blended out . 

The Face : 
I used a Concealer from ELF Cosmetics and  MAC Minerlizing Skin Finish  for the contour . I just bought this Skinfinish from M.A.C , and I love it its so smooth and the perticular shade that I got is perfect for contouring it gives you that natural contour .
 photo mememe_zps2078dbe2.jpg
These are the results. 
Thanks for stopping by .
 I hope you enjoyed it  have a great weekend !! 

Neutrals in May

 photo shosho_zpsf4a23554.jpg

Top: Fashion Nova ( Local Boutique / Los Angeles) Similar
Trousers :Zara
Ankle Boots: Forever 21 (Old)  photo yup_zps2425eef2.jpg It has been way too long since I have done an Outfit Of the Day post , and I really missed it . I'm not going to lie it isn't easy photographing yourself , but I really do have fun doing this  ! I was camera-less for 2 months otherwise it wouldn't have been this long anyway I hope you guys enjoy !

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps55e0f763.jpg
This outfit had originally been inspired by one of Rihannas super chic outfits and like many great things you start out with an inspiration and end up with something totally different . I supose thats why its called a Re-creation ,  either way here is my look hope you enjoy !! photo photos_zps63802431.jpg
A pasado demasiado tiempo desde la ultima vez que ise un Outftit Of the Day , y deveras que si lo extrane . Aun que no voy a mentir si es dificil por que no tengo un photographo , pero no lease porque me divierto mucho asiendo estos posts. La unica razon que paso tanto tiempo es porque no tuve camara como por 2 meses .  photo lovelove_zpsbe5fa166.jpg

Trend Tuesday : Giuseppe Zanotti & Christian Louboutin

Hello so sorry for the lack of post lately a school has been crazy !!
Now that I have some down time im going to share with you my current stilleto obsession !!!

 photo GiuseppeZanotti1_zps8c48151b.jpg

I really don't know what it is about stilettos but if your having a bad day throw on some big sunglasses and your fab pair of heels and don't you just feel like you could rule the world ? Okay mabey not but just fabulous !!? I think yes and if that's a no you need a different pair girl !
What's your designer crush or favorite Shoe trend / S?

 photo GiuseppeZanotti2013_zps70f68b63.jpg
First off is my favorite of all Giuseppe Zanotti . Personally I think his work is amazing its hard to choose a favorite really but if I had to this would definitely be it because this is a really classy pair of heels , but because of the gold details its not boring it makes the shoe really bold and just a hot pair of shoes even though its a nude heel. A stilleto you can wear to the club , a special event and on a daily is pretty much a no brainier !!
 photo GiuseppeZanottiSpring_zpsca603d1b.jpg

El primer Zapato es mi favorite Giuseppe Zanotti . Para mi su disegno es maravilloso so Claro question es trabajoso escojer in favorito pero is lo tuviera que acer defenitiva kente es este sin Pensarlo. Este Zapato es elegante, pero con Estes detalles dorados claro question nada abburido aun que el Zapato es de color nude . Un Tacon que te pudes llevar al antro, asta un evento especial , y a dia a dia .... Que ay que Pensarlo ???
 photo 44476095VL_11_F_zps50c8ea2e.jpg

Okay next off is the Christian Louboutin I know they're both very popular however this shoe is easily a favorite over all CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTINS & shoes overall I don't know about you but these are just gorgeous I love these want these got to have these. It's a glittery ankle boot with mirrored platform in gold . This is just that magical shoe.

 photo louboutins_zps179716fc.jpg
Bueno, ahora es Christian Louboutin , lla se que Los dos son muy populates designadores, perp este Zapato es facilmente mi favorito de todos los CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTINS & zapatos en general. Este Zapato tiene un glitter y plataforma de espejo en color dorado.
 photo ChristianLouboutins_zps4f2ac4a0.jpg

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