Summer Smokey Eye: Pink & Orange

So I kind of have no idea whats going on , but Ive been on a pink kick lately when it comes to the eyes.  I mean pink is my favorite color but I usually don't do it on the eyes. Well here is my latest eye make up .
I hope you like.
Producsts used :
Gel Liner :M.A.C
Painterly Paintpot: M.A.C
Minerlizing Skin Finish: M.A.C
Pink Matte : Bissu ( Mexican Cosmetics Line ) 
Bright Orance & Soft Light orange shadow : Manly Cosmetics (180 Pallete ) 
Get the Look 
Step 1 : Prime your lids MAC Painterly Paint pot is what I used but you can use any base of your chose loreal makes a good one as well.

Step 2: Brush: Sigma E 55
With a Flat shader brush from I applied the pink matte shadow using patting motions , this allows you to get the most out of your shadow .

Step 3: Brush : Sigma SS275
Angled blending brush  I applied the dark / brighter orange shadow and really deepened my crease  usping windshield wiper motions . Do this until you have the desired amount I tried not to over do i t.

Step 4: Sigma SS224
Any fluffy blending brush will work for this next step. With the lighter shade of orange I blended the light and the orange to tone it down a little bit.

Step 5:  Once I had the desired shade between those two I applied a nuetral color from my BH Cosmetics Neutral Palette  and applied that in the brow bone then blended out the orange and the nude.  Of course this step is optional but I think it looks a lot nicer when its all blended out . 

The Face : 
I used a Concealer from ELF Cosmetics and  MAC Minerlizing Skin Finish  for the contour . I just bought this Skinfinish from M.A.C , and I love it its so smooth and the perticular shade that I got is perfect for contouring it gives you that natural contour .
 photo mememe_zps2078dbe2.jpg
These are the results. 
Thanks for stopping by .
 I hope you enjoyed it  have a great weekend !! 


  1. good job! Maybe you want to follow each other? x

  2. I love this make up style!!! I´m going to try it out aswell!!
    Thank you so much!

  3. Thank you soo much Eline I'm so glad you like it and please show me pics if you do .


  4. This is so pretty! The pink looks great on you. :)

  5. Gorgeous look! Will definitely try this out for myself :)

    Thara from Moss & Stone