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You all know I love stilettos !!! right ? Then again who doesnt ladies we love to wear them and guys love to see us in them !! I love stilettos on my feet stilettos on my lashes and on my NAILS .. However I was shocked to find out that guy aren't to crazy about stiletto nails  , I personally discoverd and instantly fell in love with them on Rihanna's "Whats My Name " video , with sexy Drake ( Oh I L.O.V.E that man ) . She had these natural looking stiletto nails I believe she had different colors on the video I loved the lavender shade she had because I like girly colors but of course I like to make things bold every now and then anyway ( Off track here lol ) ever since then I've been all for the stilettol designs ..So I was talking about these gorgeous nails that I want to get and my friend was like  going off on Stiletto Nails and of course I had to let him know because well I love this design ,but then I heard him out and he was telling me how they remind him of a Vampire and well when he showed me what he has seen on women I was like " Oh No !!! Thats not cute  " , so I saw where he was coming from and he saw where I was coming from because I showed him the designs.

SO Stilleto YES or Stiletto No ?
Here are a couple of designs I'm loving and thinking about getting what are your favorites ..

Lastly do you care if your guy likes your design do you take his opinion into consideration or are you like F*** It ?
Coral & Stripes
Stiletto nails are already bold, this specific design is already eye catching with that said my number 1 prefference are solids but I'm slowly getting into the crazy designs. This of course is no crazy design but I really like the black and white stripes on the two nails .  

Teal Graphics 
I'm loving this design I really don't know how to describe this design in perticular but I love its unique design . Really stands out in a good way . 
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Peachy Florals
I know florals were a huge trend in 2011-2012 and we nicely let the florals on there way out , to be hones I really wasnt a huge fan of the florals when it came to my clothing but I love the floral design on these nails . what do you  think ? 
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Cherry Red 
Similar to the first picture I posted only sexier Coral is cute and summerish Red is just SEXY . I got this picture from a nail artists Instagram ... The girls got talent !! 
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Last but definitely not least !! These are my favorite nails theyre so bold I'm just not sure that I'd want to get them just yet because I do work in a professional setting .. I love the African print design on the two nails and the cheetah gives it that extra Omph in my opinion . 
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