Trend Tuesday : Giuseppe Zanotti & Christian Louboutin

Hello so sorry for the lack of post lately a school has been crazy !!
Now that I have some down time im going to share with you my current stilleto obsession !!!

 photo GiuseppeZanotti1_zps8c48151b.jpg

I really don't know what it is about stilettos but if your having a bad day throw on some big sunglasses and your fab pair of heels and don't you just feel like you could rule the world ? Okay mabey not but just fabulous !!? I think yes and if that's a no you need a different pair girl !
What's your designer crush or favorite Shoe trend / S?

 photo GiuseppeZanotti2013_zps70f68b63.jpg
First off is my favorite of all Giuseppe Zanotti . Personally I think his work is amazing its hard to choose a favorite really but if I had to this would definitely be it because this is a really classy pair of heels , but because of the gold details its not boring it makes the shoe really bold and just a hot pair of shoes even though its a nude heel. A stilleto you can wear to the club , a special event and on a daily is pretty much a no brainier !!
 photo GiuseppeZanottiSpring_zpsca603d1b.jpg

El primer Zapato es mi favorite Giuseppe Zanotti . Para mi su disegno es maravilloso so Claro question es trabajoso escojer in favorito pero is lo tuviera que acer defenitiva kente es este sin Pensarlo. Este Zapato es elegante, pero con Estes detalles dorados claro question nada abburido aun que el Zapato es de color nude . Un Tacon que te pudes llevar al antro, asta un evento especial , y a dia a dia .... Que ay que Pensarlo ???
 photo 44476095VL_11_F_zps50c8ea2e.jpg

Okay next off is the Christian Louboutin I know they're both very popular however this shoe is easily a favorite over all CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTINS & shoes overall I don't know about you but these are just gorgeous I love these want these got to have these. It's a glittery ankle boot with mirrored platform in gold . This is just that magical shoe.

 photo louboutins_zps179716fc.jpg
Bueno, ahora es Christian Louboutin , lla se que Los dos son muy populates designadores, perp este Zapato es facilmente mi favorito de todos los CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTINS & zapatos en general. Este Zapato tiene un glitter y plataforma de espejo en color dorado.
 photo ChristianLouboutins_zps4f2ac4a0.jpg

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Bold lips for Spring / Summer 2013

Spring is here summer is on its way ! You know what that means ?

 photo image_zps5f22ba78.jpg
  . Next sunny weather calls for sunglasses , which means time to brim our bold lips out . Big sunglasses no more dramatic eyes since they'll be covered 80% of the time but that doesn't mean walk around plain its okay to Rick a nude lip , that's beautiful every now and then but bold lips I think are just more eye catching and perfect for this season . Which lip will you try ?
 photo preview_image_0_7019142_zps8f7219a3.jpg

On my look this is from Milani in Rosé it's such a beautiful Barbie Pink I love it this is my favorite color so of course this was the color I was going to choose but I also love deep red , and orange.
Really quickly about is lipstick other then the fact that its just gorgeous and looks good on nearly every color , it taste & smells like watermelon . I love scented lip products when pleasant of course. I think I will be filming a tutorial soon on this look , my entire make up look was inspired by Christina Aguilera'a video from last year , "Your Body " .
 photo preview_image_0_4110830_zpse2718dec.jpg

If you try any of these looks don't forget to send me your links .

 photo image_zpscb389bfa.jpg
Thanks Dolls ,
Have a great weekend .

Trend Tuesday : CropTops and Pencil Skirts

I'm starting a weekly post Trend Tuesday side there so many trends going on . Crop tops are one of my favorite new trends and you can style them so many ways my favorite way to pair them is with skirts , Pencil Skirts to be exact .

Here is Kelly Rowland in a coral knit crop top and a white skirt . This photo is from her video "Keep It Between Us " . I liked two of the looks frm this video this one just applied to today's post , and it looks like this could have been a pleated skirt or maxi skirt  her bottom half isn't shown in this scene.
 photo blogger-image-599685993_zps1c8cef04.jpg
Here is Kim Kardashian pre- prefnancy looking very chic in this turtle neck crop top wich is my first choice, with this black leather ,peplum pencil skirt ! (Yes a lot of description for one item lol)

. photo image_zpse0b427a7.jpg
  photo image_zps8e952abb.jpg

 Next I have Nazanin Mandi , I've got to say this girl is a stab at my confidence she is just GORGEOUS !! Here she is rocking this yellow crop top with a matching bodycon skirt. I'm not a big fan of the color yellow but I must admit she makes it look good .
  photo image_zps0b791471.jpg
Last Off I have my favorite comboniation a crop top , Ankle booties and A-line skirt . I think out of all the images this something that looks good on most body types and is something I would wear on any given day . No secret that I'm obsessed with Ankle boots so definitely expect an Outfit Of the day similar to this .
 photo image_zps87ef208e.jpg

Megan Fox Inspired Makeup - Everyday Make up

Today I tried out a new make up look with my new palette from BH Cosmetics  ,this look was inspired my Megan Fox's eye make up. She usually has this gorgeous neutral smokey eye so here are the results.

This is such a gorgeous make up look , good for everyday , and or special events I googled Megan Fox Make up and I saw that this is pretty much her signiture looks and the lips is what varys I do not have a lip color excuse me please . You can add a Nude lip or a bright Red.

BH Cosmetics - 28 Neutral Palette

My BH cosmetics palette just came in soo excited to put this baby to work , these colors are so pigmented I love it !! I though I would update my daily esscentials . Tutorials coming soon

BH Cosmetics is so awesome they have daily specials on their products !! They had a special for 28 neutral palette & blush palette for just $18.99,and then I did some more shopping I went on Amazon and found them this palette for $11.99
Yes Amazon is king !!!

After a bad experience with Manly cosmetics I swore I wouldn't buy anymore pallets at least large palettes. I had bought the 180 palette which had every color you can possibly think of and I found that I only used the neutral colors at least most frequently ,but the reason I had a bad experience is because the eye shadows were super powdery and wouldn't stick to the lid. My friend finally convinced me to get the BH cosmetics palette and I'm so glad I listened the colors are super pigmented and very rich !!

My first make up look with this pallets will be up tomorrow .