Target Haul - Beauty Products + Some

Hola Hola  

Hope your all having a wonderful Saturday. 

The first half of my Saturday's I usually spend doing errands catching up on laundry that sort of thing. So there were some things I need to go get to target and, I thought I would share with you.  Some of you may not know but I'm obsessed with Sonia Kashuk, a beauty line at Target its so amazing. Their quality is amazing and its not super expensive like some high end brands. I had just stopped by for body wash and some other non beauty related products .

But of course as always I stopped by the beauty isle not expecting to grab anything but I have been in search of a brush similar to the one I got. I had been watching some tutorials by Scott Barnes and he was showing what he contours with to not over do the contour. Anyhow the brush is very similar to the flat ended brush, only his is a log wider than this one, but I assure you this will do. Plus I love finding more affordable alternatives.  I can't even get over shape of the brush & the packaging!!
I also picked up some of her lipsticks in Barely Nude  & Pink Nude . These are great for me since I wear minimal make up to work on a daily basis. Gorgeous yet nothing that requires extreme doll face. But then again if your gonna go full on cake face in my opinion a nude color is a great option as it will keep everything in balance.

Lastly the Acrylic case I picked up, was a must, I know we all have those products we use everyday , and I don't know about you but I like things to be ready  up on my surface so I can just grab and go. I hated taking out all my make up, and then putting it back. I had seen these all over YouTube but I didn't' think they were necessary and then I decided to grab them yesterday and I gotta say its life changing.  This one that I grabbed is actually designed to hold your hair brushes and what not but for the make up I'm most gravitated to it holds so I'm good with that.


  1. I've heard some great things about her brushes and I'm loving that pink lippie!

  2. Yes Her brushes are really Great !! Aside from hers I use Sigma brushes I have some BH Cosmetics brushes tooo but SK Brushes are very great quality a lot like Sigma . :D

    Thanks for stopping by <3