Golden Globes - Top 5 Best Dressed

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So Award season is officially here , and the Golden Globes was tonight. I wanted to share my top 5 picks from gowns to beauty. 


Prior to the Golden Globes , truthfully speaking I had no idea who this actress was.

BUT she is absolutely gorgeous!!!  From the looks of past looks it looks like her style is very simple not something hard for her to pull off. A little goes a long way!! She is totally going to be a new inspiration for me . Anyhow I loved her look  I'm going to say #5 only because simplistic beauty is not my style not something I gravitate towards but if anyone can rock its this beauty. 

Her gown was gorgeous , all white with fringes- Louis Vuitton 
#4  Next I have Kate Hudson looking stunning in this Michael Kors 2 piece , rocking her abs !! Can you say inspiration!!!

#3  I'm not sure who Lady Gaga was wearing but she looked stunning as well. I feel like you never know what to expect from her. But I do love this look on her, I'm thinking of doing a make up look on this, I love her defined cheekbones, to her gorgeous old Hollywood do.  This screams Marilyn Monroe to me anyone else ? 

#2 This gorgeous doll unfortunately I don't know her name or what she has been on but her beauty is everything and the dress I'm loving. I love when a dress can accentuate your shape while not so form fitting . Dress - Versace 

#1 My number one this year goes to Guliana Rancic , who I did not know but has been doing Red Carpet alongside of Ryan Seacrest for 10 YEARS!!! THATS amazing !!! Congratulations .

Similar to Kate's dress she is showing off her abs and I can tell shes been putting in work. Loving this look overall, I love how her sleaves go down als long as the rest of her dress it makes it stand out.

Worst Dressed

JLO I always look to for style and beauty she is such an ICON, but I've got to be honest from her dress to her make up. I don't feel like she did her best this year. Shes 40 + ??? She looks incredible, but this dress I do not feel complimented her at all. It definitely could have if it was designed slightly different but just didn't.

Which was your favorite look this year ?

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