How I Highlighting & Contouring

Hey guys , 
Today I want to show you how I contour and highlight . This is for a more dramatic look not typically for everyday use but  I have been using this method on a daily basis lately so you can tone it a down or work your way up to a more dramatic contour
 Oh and before I forget I am obsessed with this brow pencil from Milani Cosmetics its an amazing doupe for Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz . They both have pencil on one end and a brush on the other end this Type of pencil is perfect for a defined yet natural brow. For the longest time I had been using a Gel + Powder by Elf Cosmetics ,  which I still love for a night out or special even but for a more natural look I'm sticking with this fabulous brow pencil from Milani Cosmetics for just $3.99

Everyone has their own routine on how they apply their make up personally I like to start off with the eyes that way when I have fall out I can wipe it off  Vs when I have my concealer set it in and I need to start all over.   I used a contour stick in color deep by Cover girl  grate doupe for Bobby Brown's  Contour stick .

I always apply this underneath my bottom lip it , top of my forehead basically around the perimeter of your face or you can also think of it as creating a number 3.  I then apply my highlight today I used my concealing cream from Lush Cosmetics . This stuff is so amazing I do not know how I ever survived without it another great concealer that I used before this was Kat Vondee Tattoo Lock it Concealer . Anyway I highly recommend this lush Concealer .  I apply this with a a flat concealer brush and blend this out with a damp beauty blender . I then Set this with my setting powder from NYX in white.  I had heard a lot of bad stuff about this powder because it does appear white when using flash  but for everyday use AMAZING !!  I apply this using a patting motion if you have a sponge I definitely recommend this however I used a brush  using a patting motion . I then blend out my contour using an angled blending brush .  Something about let to about letting your concealer set  makes it last all day and really blend with your natural tones.

For an all day last its best you set all your creams , and foundation form with a powder for my contour I blend in MAC's MSF in deep .

I didn't notice but in the picture above my skin did come out a little bright  lol . 


  1. Beautiful and I love your red lipstick!

  2. Thanks doll I got a new one from NYX thats amazing but this is my always my number 1 go to .. From Sephora ..