Stiletto Love: Cassie by Chinese Laundry

Hey Loves I hope you had a wonderful 3 day weekend for Memorial day . Today I present to you Cassie from CL Kristen Cavallari .  I know its a hot summer and your thin king too much right , well I was thinking they'd be good for that off day where the sun isn't coming out and also perfect for a night out . These would go perfect with a mini dress on a night out .  It comes in black, tan , suede brown, and grey of course my instant pick is black but since I always go towards black but this time I'm loving this suede brown tone. They remind me of Pocahontas a little bit and well I love native american accessories or anything of that sort.  
I tried these on at the mall today and I fell in love they're not just fabulous they're easy to walk in and feel amazing they are made from suede inside out so they slid on my legs like a glove . 

Thanks for reading loves . 

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