Shoe of the Week : Sugar Plum Pumps

These beauties are the shoe of the week , Plum platform pumps what's not to love I think it's safe to sayI have got a Mary jane obsession any Mary jane Screams my name!
! My shoe obsession of the week .

FWLA: Project Ethos

Yesterday I attended the Project Ethos show And it was truly amazing an event ill be looking forward to in seasons come. They had some very talented designers , my favorite was M Costello by Michael Costello.

Here are some pictures from the event I apologies for the blurry images hope you enjoy !!

Thank you

Hair desires : Hollywood Glam to Ombré & Voluminous curls

Hair care and inspirations
Hair is such a big thing to me I had to cut my hair last year really short due to damage ams I finally gre it to my desire not complete desired length but practically there . I want to share my inspirations and hair tips with you .From color to length and style

 photo image_zps72a61524.jpg
 1) This is a desired look from all aspects I love the old Hollywood glam waves length is perfect but the main reason this photo ever caught my eye was because of the color. I've gone back and fourth with black ,brown and red hair but when I have red hair I feel most beautiful something about this shade is just beauty with enough boldness to catch your eye but not to over the top!

 photo image_zps085867b0.jpg 2) this is a picture of Dulce candy she looks great with her new Ombré look ..This look looks so good pm her I almost Want to try it but my current hair color goal is bright red as I mentioned above.

 photo image_zps96b80758.jpg 3) Of course I couldn't do to without Lilly Ghalichi, she is obviously gorgeous from head to toe and everyone who is a fan of hers has their favorite thing about her mine personally is the hair she always has the biggest most beautiful hair soo voluminous ! I've yet to achieve this look but once I do You'll see m results here .

 photo image_zpsd89a55b3.jpg 4) My fourth go to look is the hair bun how fabulous is she ? This picture is from Laura Govan from BWLA It's about the hair but I loved her outfit so I though I'd show you that too..
On to hair care tips :

So I know that a lot of you are going to think this is gross but not washing your ,made such a difference it is so unhealthy for you to wash your hair daily not only for your hair color ,but also for it to be healthy !! So on the days that I don't wash my hair I use a dry shampoo and this keeps your hair from getting All greasy. I bought mine at Sally's Ion dry shampoo ,but you can get this anywhere from drug stores to even the 99C store (They have the good kind ) .

Shoe of the week - Aldo wedge sneakers

Shoe of the week this week are these wedge sneakers from Aldo . They have these without the studs but I don't know these call my name I like a little extra sometimes .  photo image_zps9e7cd75d.jpg  photo image_zps60ac4b63.jpg

Taylor swift on Elle -March edition

Spring time is here and Elle magazine had a very special treat this month a brand new Taylor Swift like I've never seen her before ...
 photo 0_zps8a9687e2.jpg

From innocent good girl to Chic Diva! I've always been a fan of hers I think she's so cute ,but I'm really loving this transformation ..

A brand new side of Swift edgier and sexier ! She's just a beautiful girl and I love that she's doing her girl to women transition with out any outrageous difference as seen on many young artist time and time again way to keep it classy !
 photo blogger-image-890093460_zpsb282c22c.jpg
I simply can not get enough of her in this issue she looks great from her hair and make up to her wardrobe !!!! Expect a make up tutorial on her looks probably not hair because those bangs just are not made for everyone but she looks Fabulous doesn't she ?

 photo blogger-image--413043461_zps1a8748b2.jpg
                          Let me know what you guys think of this new Taylor Yay or Nay
Pics from Elle
 photo blogger-image--750134838_zps26bcab67.jpg

Spring Shoe Trends

Spring is finally here although today didnt feel like it so much !! Here is what fashion has instore for us as far as the shoe department goes ! Spring / Summer 2013 wll be all about the sandal , and the pointy heels . The round platform is slowly going to let its self out and the pointy platform is the new trend that I am loving !!Which ones are your favorites and will you pick up any of these trends ?  photo 004fullscreen_zps01238351.jpg photo Aperlai_zps864a06e9.jpg For some reason these sandals remind me of Cleopatra SPRING MUST !  photo l_zpsc9dec994.jpg
 photo pointyplatform_zps197e7487.jpg photo Balmainnew_zpsd9d40a2d.jpg