Sonia Kashuk - Perfecting Luminous Foundation

Hello Beauties,

I had been in need of a good foundation but have not made it out to Sephora, I was shopping for some home decor at Target (MY FAV ). For some reason whenever I go to Target it's like natural instinct  Make Up isle  ~ Shoe Section and then whatever I'm really there for.

 I had already set my mind to not getting drug store foundation because I'm looking for something more efficient. I was in the Sonia Kashuk section looking at her make up brushes because well WHY NOT , they're the cutest and they also work really really well!!! Anyway I had tried one of there primers (see below)  and it literally worked like magic. So I decided too try out there foundation.

I'm not going to lie I was a little hesitant because I've had so many bad experiences just buying the foundation that looks close to my skin tone either being too dark or too light. If you have ever seen they're foundations / Primers they come with the lid sealed. But I thought so what let me give it a shot. I can honestly say this one of my new favorite foundation, its very full coverage but does not show up looking cakey. When applied properly one pump will be good for both your face & neck. I'm not sure if I'm just recently fascinated with this but I'd say this is great alternative  for MAC's foundation if your looking for something  less than $30.00

Both Primer & Foundation are priced at $10.99  Happy Face Happy Wallet .

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