Trend Tuesday: Tribal Thing

I know tribal is a big trends this year but to be honest I've always been a huge fan of Aztec inspired anything really  ,I'm thinking there must be some on my blood somewhere down the line .
I got these earrings all at Forever 21 , I'm loving the bold colors perfect for spring . I have some bold and some pastels I think the bold I would most likely use for a day where I don't feel like doing much or a day I'm in a hurry and let my accessories take center stage.

So when I picked up these earrings , I thought they were dangling earrings attached to the top but it was a two for one, but I think other than the blue for the rest I'm going to be super gluing them to make them as I thought they would be . What do you guys suggest combine the two or should I leave them as is ?

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