Lets Get Fit !!

hey dolls !
so I've been up to a couple things lately doing a lot of research and also I've been doing some fitness. I have struggled with weight for so long but this year i finally decided i deserve a better and I'm making a commitment to myself . This isn't only about looking better , but its about feeling better and being healthier .  So....
What I have been doing ?

Drinking a lot of water you should be drinking 1/2 your body weight in oz.  My suggestion is you start little by little so if your not big on drinking water start off with a glass or two and add on everyday .  You shouldn't try to do too much at once because then it becomes so easy to give up . Like everything else you should work your way up .
Also I just want to add waters good for you anyway , if your skin is anything less than perfect the  water will really help out and hydrate your skin. 

Eating : this is such a huge part of weight loss and living a healthier lifestyle overall , you should be eating lots fruits and veggies, I don't do diets because i don't believe they work . I would definitely suggest doing cleansing your body please let me know if your interested in some of the cleansing I have been doing .  So back to food , you want to cut out as much sugar as possible , but you shouldn't need to do anything too drastic moderation is key  . Each portion on your plate shouldn't be larger than the palm of your hand . Also a quick tip :
Use smaller plates people tend to fill up their plates so smaller the plate smaller the meal.

Fitness :
Believe it or not this is my favorite part even though i'm dieing sometimes =0  For me it is easier to workout then it is to eat healthy , so one thing i will definitely say is know your strengths and your weaknesses so that you know where to focus so that everything is right !!

Right now ,  I work on my Abs & Booty everyday . Squats & Abs along with other workouts .  However my Rear and My mid section have always been my biggest challenges which is why I'm focusing on that .

My fitness Inspiration is Khloe Kardashian , she is so gorgeous and she looks amazing she doesn't look SKINNY , she just looks Healthy | Happy | Fabulous which is the look I'm going for . Something I love about her is that she is committed
to her body but shes not obsessed with working out .

So I'm doing a squat challenge and I would love it if you would join me  .
Please let me know if your interested or if you would like more fitness related post .

Thank you so much for stopping by .
Have a great week

Over the Knee : Giuseppe Zanotti

Hello lovelies ,   My ongoing obsession for Over the Knee .
Giuseppe Zanotti 

 So here is just about everything all in one , so you know thats exciting . Over the knee , snake skin pointed boot with gold detailing on the heel . Not  mention the lace up on the back of the boot , makes it so sexy !   So this style is very Chic and sexy , now if your looking for a day look I would go towards a softer color like brown , or grey .